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This podcast is all about having real and honest discussions about our mental wellbeing; offering all of our guests a safe space to talk freely.  Whilst promoting the importance of self development, we definitely aren’t shy when it comes to discussing taboo topics. 
With the increase in Mental Health ill health rising in all communities, it is important that safe spaces are created; so that anyone can discuss their experiences and be supported without judgement.
We are both really passionate about sharing the benefits of self development for a better Mental Health and share some of our own personal experiences along the way. This offers both reassurance and inspiration to anyone who is listening.  
Our life journeys have all been very different. By sharing the reality behind our stories, we are able to build positive connections and offer support to others.  
Some of our content comes with a ‘Trigger Warnings’ as it may be too deep for some to handle, but it is someone’s reality!?
Have a question? Send an email to: thebeautifulmindspodcast@gmail.com 
Welcome to our podcast- we hope you enjoy it!

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