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As a Motivational speaker, I deliver thought-provoking and emotional talks around Mental wellbeing & self development. These talks give listeners the strength and inspiration needed to reach their full potential & understand the mental focus needed to thrive in their own life.
For me, speaking is about connection. It is about sharing the reality that so many of us experience and provide an audience with insight into how to actually go about achieving a good mental health. I raise awareness on how to live a mentally healthy life and identify ways that you might neglect or ignore your wellbeing; discussing the barriers you may need to overcome to move into a GROWTH MINDSET!
A GROWTH MINDSET can help you become more resilient in the face of setbacks and when you come across a difficult situation, you’re more likely to frame it as a challenge; finding the learning & overcome it rather than throw in the towel!
The emphasis of my talks are not on the result its self, but on the steps it takes to get there; providing effective strategies and methods on to better your mental wellbeing.
Hannah Murray and a group of women cheering and clapping in a crowd
Hannah Murray from Beautiful Minds CIC making a keynote speech

Our Community

Having a positive mindset and mental resilience has never been so important. So there is a need for all areas of our community, including the corporate world, to be better equipped to support and improve mental wellbeing.

With the struggles with anxiety and overwhelm rising at an alarming rate, it is vital that employers in particular, create a positive culture around wellbeing and empower their workforce to have positive conversations around Mental Health and offer the opportunity for extra wellbeing support.

Beautiful Minds aims to raise awareness through a portfolio of successful workshops; supporting clients and organisations build a better educational awareness of wellbeing.

By sharing professional tools & strategies for some of the most common of mindset challenges, Beautiful Minds workshops increase self confidence, build resilience and excel happiness in the workplace.

Do you want your employees to feel better supported with their wellbeing and want your organisation to create a positive culture; I want to support you to do that.

Hannah Murray of Beautiful Mind Support CIC at the Mindset Maintenance event 2022
Hannah Murray and a group of women cheering and clapping in a crowd

My Corporate Support

  • Mental Health 101 Training
  • Wellbeing support workshops
  • Workplace Mental Health awareness
  • Mental health & Menopause Program
  • Public speaking events

This support covers many areas including; Mental Health in our society, How to keep focused, promoting mindfulness in the workplace and much much more

Contact me today with your needs and I’ll put together a quote for you.

Some Testimonials

Hannah ‘s talk on Saturday was fantastic! Anything That Hannah shares is so honest and vulnerable. People are able to relate to the things that she says because of this. Hannah speaks with so much confidence! To hear her journey through her talks, seeing her stand tall and speak fearlessly with such confidence, experience and knowledge, was lovely to see!
B. Braithwaite , March 2023
Hannah’s talk was very good – it was honest and gave insight into an inspiring journey that has lead Hannah to focus on an important topic – Mental health. Hannah is a great speaker, I would recommend her talks and workshops for professionals, young people and the larger community!
S. Dhana, March 2023
I have heard Hannah deliver some amazing and insightful mental health workshops previously… To get the opportunity to hear this, had a real impact on me. So many of us feel like we have to hide away the pain and the shame that so often goes with traumatic experiences in life but to hear Hannah talking, was incredibly powerful; transforming her own thinking and supporting others to do the same. She inspires others to get comfortable in their own skin, see their value and to quote ” Be yourself because everyone else is taken
S. Cartledge, March 2023
Hannah’s story is one of courage, tenacity and resilience. Drawing upon her own mental health struggles, she speaks with authenticity and passion about how each of us can adopt a more empowered approach to our wellbeing. She is an inspirational speaker who lifts others up with practical strategies for self-care and positive mindset.
A Wise, March 2023

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I am an associate trainer for Engendering Change

I am now the Mental Health Link & Ambassador for Spark Community Space