Hannah Murray

Mental Health & Mindset Coach

A little about me

I’m a NHS Mental Health professional & accredited coach, with over 10 years experience. My experience ranges from Inpatient Mental Health Service, to community therapies. I have a passion for self development and I’m committed to supporting others conquer mind stress & aim to refocus them in a positive direction.

My Services

Mental Health coach

Beautiful Mind Coaching

Whether you’re looking to increase your mental wellness, build self-confidence or reduce life stress; Beautiful Minds supports you to deep dive into yourself as an individual with an experienced mental health coach. The core of you.

Beautiful Minds & Young People

Beautiful Minds works with young people to help them to improve their emotional wellbeing, reduce negative outcomes and improve their confidence.

The Beautiful Minds Podcast

This podcast is all about having real and honest discussions about our mental wellbeing; offering all of our guests a safe space to talk freely.

Community & Corporate Support

Having a positive mindset and mental resilience has never been so important. So there is a need for all areas of our community, including the corporate world, to be better equipped to support and improve mental wellbeing.

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    Some Testimonials


    I have come so far in a short time with Hannah’s help. 

    From feeling unfocused, unmotivated and constantly guilty and finding it hard to see the positives in my life, I have found headspace and clarity, learnt the importance of boundaries and am beginning to rediscover who I am and what makes me happy. Hannah’s guidance has been practical, supportive and invaluable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone in a similar position.

    June, 2021

    I’ve been working with Hannah since May starting on a bi weekly basis.

    On my self discovery journey I felt it was important to have someone independent from my life to help unpick and understand situations with me alongside managing my emotions and reactions better. Hannah championed me when things went well and supported and encourage me when it didn’t feel like it had. We’ve worked on my boundaries and expectations of myself and others – the change in my mindset has been transformational, I’ve achieved so much this year – thank you Hannah!

    July, 2021

    A huge thank you to Hannah who is one beautiful human;

    she has guided me so much, I feel like I have gained so much control over the unnecessary anxieties that are totally normal during pregnancy & life!

    October, 2021

    I do believe that it comes down to the person who coaches you!

    Hannah is flipping wonderful. I have never felt so at ease to be completely open & honest which in turn, allowed me to benefit so much from each session. The change I can see in myself after 12weeks is incredible… hand on my heart, I can honestly say I have never gained so much as I have from session from Beautiful Mind coaching.

    Forever grateful!

    November, 2021

    Hannah- sincerely thank you for your guidance and caring over the last 8 months.

    On reflection when I realised today was our last session, I was quietly sad but liberated- if that makes sense.

    Your encouragement and reflection on my there & now has made me think differently- you helped me change.

    I’m eternally grateful!

    Februrary, 2022

    Massive thanks to Hannah for all her listening and support.

    She guided me through, to realise a particular situation was impacting on my Mental health, rather than it being a reflection of me! She helped me regain focus on myself again something I had forgotten for a few years.

    Highly recommend *

    April, 2022

    I never thought I needed a therapist or coach or any help at all to be honest… then I met Hannah.

    Hannah was recommended by a friend & when I hit my lowest point last year, after a very difficult time & year of loss, pain & sadness, I spiraled into a world of darkness with no light at the end of the tunnel. Hannah not only is kind, gentle but her straight talking & understanding manner made me realise things about myself that I had completely forgotten. She guided me through a breakdown of my long term relationship and me me begin to see why I felt the way I did. I personally had never felt so low & truly believe without Hannah, I may have not been where I am today- Happy Carefree, In Love with life, Confident & Learning to be me again. I cannot thank Hannah enough and would most certainly recommend her to ANYONE, regardless of your mental health or concerns, I truly believe now that anyone can benefit from talking life through with someone who will be honest with you, but who has had her own personal experienced and understanding.

    April, 2022

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